Fabricated Bases

Should there not be a suitable moulded base from the standard ranges , or from the numerous other base moulds that we also have, then we can design and build a bespoke fabricated base to your specific requirements.

If you are unsure what can be achieved then please contact us to discuss your particular requirement.

Flexibility of Design

Many options are available to create an epoxy fume cupboard base to meet the needs of individual fume cupboards.

• Wide or special shaped edging or plinths (e.g. for mounting services)
• Chamfered front edges to assist airflow
• Sinks or drip cups positioned where required
• Sink lids / drip-cup lids

For larger projects, Simmons can offer mould design to create bespoke solutions in the form of one piece epoxy fume cupboard bases tailored specially to individual design requirements. Please see our section on Custom Design for more information