A selection of Front Edgings and Upstands.

The edge profiles detailed below are used to provide anti-spill (marine) edging to laboratory worktops. Type 1 edges are used for visible (seen edges) and Type 3 edges for rear edges (e.g. against walls).

We offer a choice of Simmons standard 10mm deep edging (No.1 / No.3). Or a DIN standard 7mm deep edging (No.1G / No.3G).


No.1 (Front Edging - Standard/10mm)

Simmons’ standard containment edging for front edges and other seen edges. This edging provides a 10mm dishing and a gloss finish to the outside face. Maximum Length: 3m

No.1G (Front Edging - DIN/7mm)

A deep front edging with a 7mm dishing, based on the DIN standard for laboratory worktop containment edges. The 37mm depth can be reduced to accommodate other worktop thicknesses. Maximum Length: 3m