Chemical Resistance

Chemical Resistance (Based on BS EN 438-2:1991) 24 hour spot test.

Acetone Unaffected.
Acetonitrile Unaffected.
Aqua regia Unaffected.
Benzyl alcohol Unaffected.
Chloroform Unaffected.
Chloroform - 100% Unaffected.
Chromic acid pickle (*1) Unaffected.
Dichloromethane Surface attack.
Dimethylformamide Unaffected.
Ethyl acetate Unaffected.
Hydrochloric acid - 30% Unaffected.
Hydrochloric acid - concentrated Unaffected.
Hydrofluoric acid - 40% Slight bleaching.
Hydrogen Peroxide Unaffected.
Methanol Unaffected.
n-Butanol Unaffected.
Nitric acid 70% Very slight bleaching.
Nitric acid - concentrated Slight yellowing.
Nitric acid - fuming Attack and staining.
Perchloric acid - 0.1N Unaffected.
Phosphoric acid - concentrated Unaffected.
Potassium hydroxide pellet (*2) Unaffected.
Sodium hydroxide - 50% Unaffected.
Sodium hydroxide pellet (*2) Unaffected.
Sodium hypochlorite Unaffected.
Sulphuric acid - 70% Unaffected.
Sulphuric acid - concentrated Surface attack.
Xylene Unaffected.

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